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5.11.2007 :: I saw this on eBay and couldn't pass it up. Starriors Napkins! I added them to Interchangeable Parts because I couldn't think of anywhere else they belonged.

1.20.2007 :: Someone wrote this site asking for a complete parts list for the Armored Battle Station. I figured the best way to answer would be to scan the entire instruction sheet and post it, so that's exactly what I've done. Go see it in Interchangeable Parts!

12.17.2006 :: This is so cool. The Motorized Wind-Up Action page finally has something I've waited for a long time: a Starriors commercial! This is a later one, featuring Vultor, Ripwsaw and Clawgut, but it begins with a few seconds of animated Starriors action! And some nifty music, too. "Power Weapons, At Command!" Enjoy! (Clip was painfully extracted from this YouTube video posted by FuzzyMemories.)

10.11.2006 :: Small update. I already had the "centerfold" cast scan from minicomics 1-4 on the comics page (you have to click on the small Armored Battle Station). But I just added the cover inset cast scan of the second wave of Starriors toys from minicomics 5 and 6. Appropriately enough, you just have to click on the small image of Gouge riding Windstorm (even though one is a Protector and one is a Destructor).

09.05.2006 :: AT LAST! A new update. I hope to have a couple more soon. Hey, it's not like there's any new Starriors coming out. Anyway, I have finally scanned and recorded the second Starriors Peter Pan® Book and Record set: ODYSSEY II - ESCAPE TO FREEDOM. Furthermore, I have revised both it and the first one (ODYSSEY I - TUNNEL OF DOOM) into Flash movies that will, if you desire, auto-play through the whole book. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. You can view them both from here. Note that the movies are launched in popup windows, so if you have any blockers on, you may have to disable them for this site.

01.12.2005 :: This latest update is a riot. I bought a 1984/85 trade advertisement for The Starriors. It's basically an ad that Tomy sent out to stores to get them to stock Starriors toys. Now, the blurbs on the ads are funny enough and worth the money I spent buying these things, but what's much more interesting is some of the marketing information, which I will repeat here in its entirety:

Kids are sold on Starriors. Now Starriors are ready to go to work selling kids for you. And they've got the power to do it.
$11,000,000 AD BUDGET FOR 84/85
In 1984 Tomy launched Starriors with a $4,000,000 nationwide broadcast campaign. In 1985 there will be even more Starriors, backed by an even bigger $7,000,000 media budget. A campaign so intense it will reach 90% of all boys at least 30 times this year.
There is currently a Starriors television mini-series in production to air in Spring and Fall '85. That's powerful stuff in the kids market.
5,500,000 COMIC BOOKS.
There will be 5000,000 full-size newsstand Starrior comic books distributed nationally this year. And an additional 5,000,000 mini-comics will be packed with the toys themselves. When your license depends on exposure, coverage like this is hard to ignore.
If you want to capture the kids market, call for Starriors, they've capture the imaginations of kids.

Now, there are several damn interesting things here, most notably that a Starriors cartoon was indeed in development at one time. I know there have been several people on newsgroups who seemed to vaguely recall seeing a Starriors cartoon, but since there's no proof of the existence of this cartoon anywhere, which is damn near impossible in this internet age, I've always concluded that what they probably saw was some animation in a commercial. Now, I still think this is the case: a $4M advertising campaign in close proximity time-wise to cartoon pre-production lends credence to the notion that there was already a relationship between Tomy and an animation studio which was used to create some simple animations for a commercial. But I wouldn't rule out the possibility that a Starriors pilot may have been created and even aired, though never picked up. Still, it would be rather odd for that to have happened and left no evidence to this date. Hell, everything else from 1980 and up has been found and put on the internet, why not this?

Beyond that, the other really interesting (and humourous) thing about the text in these trade ads is the vagely pedophiliac tone to the whole thing: "A campaign so intense it will reach 90% of all boys at least 30 times this year!"; "Starriors are ready to go to work selling kids for you."; and my personal favorite, "STARRIORS CAPTURE MILLIONS OF BOYS"!

08.30.2004 :: Audio and scans of the first Starriors Peter Pan® Book and Record set, ODYSSEY I - TUNNEL OF DOOM, is live! Home video clips of Starriors in action are live! Click here! Exclamation point!

06.06.2004 :: Hello. My name is Botch. Welcome to one of my playgrounds. For the last year, this site's only real feature has been a poll wherein I asked you about your interest in the Starriors, what compelled you to visit and what you would like to see here. The results led me to the following conclusions:

  • You remember the Starriors, be it vaguely or completely, and are curious to learn more.
  • First and foremost, you want an informative, archival site.
  • Many of you are interested in buying more Starriors.
  • Some of you share my sense of humor.

So, we compromise. You let me make a web site that entertains me, and I won't mind if it's accidentally informative as well.

Here are some of the comments and/or suggestions that were submitted through the poll, followed by my replies:

Q. I would like information but would also like to purchase Starriors for a reasonable price.
A. As far as information, browse the site and absorb any information you can. This is where you go to buy Starriors.

Q. I would like to see this site be like your Transformers site
A. Aw, shucks. Well, I plan on adding material to this site, but I think the current format is pretty much how it will stay.

Q. Message boards: Buy/Sell, Discussion, Fanfic.
A. I would love all of these things. But is there enough interest to warrant a message board? I decided against getting into buying and selling (see above link). But if people want to contribute Starriors-related material to this site, be my guest.

If you have any other specific questions or suggestions, let me know!