No. 5304


EARTH is devastated by deadly solar flares. Realizing his danger, Man creates the STARRIORS – intelligent PROTECTOR and DESTRUCTOR robots, with brain centers molded in Man's own image. He programs the PROTECTORS to prepare the blighted Eart for his return, and the DESTRUCTORS, to guard it from invasion by aliens and mutated monsters. Then Man retreats beneath an ARMORED BATTLESTATION to pass the blistering epoch in suspended animation, promising to someday return.

MILLENNIA pass. The STARRIORS develop their own civilization and much of their original programming is lost. Finally most remember Man only as a legend . . .

BUT SLAUGHTER STEELGRAVE, leader of the DESTRUCTORS, knows that Man exists. He enslaves the PROTECTORS and, certain that re-emerged Man would threaten the very existence of the STARRIORS, he declares the desert surrounding the BATTLESTATION a Forbidden Zone.

THEN the PROTECTOR, HOTSHOT, finds an artifact that proves Man exists and sends him, and a band of renegades, on an impossible Quest – to find and awaken Man!

Copyright © 1984 by Marvel Comics Group, a division of Cadence Industries Corporation. All rights reserved. STARRIORS is a trademark of Tomy Corporation, and is used with the permission of the Trademark owner. PROTECTORS, DESTRUCTORS, WASTOR, RAMMOR, STRAZOR, TRASHOR, COSMITTOR, DEMOLISHER, STARRUNNER, ARMORED BATTLE STATION, HOTSHOT, CRANK, CUT-UP, THINKTANK, MOTORMOUTH, RUNABOUT, NIPPER, SLAUGHTER STEELGRAVE, GOUGE, AUNTIE TANK, SAWTOOTH, DEADEYE, CRICKET, GRUB, SPEEDTRAP, BACKFIRE, SCRAPPER, TINKER (including all prominent characters in this issue) and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Tomy Corporation.